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Rachel Connelly is currently the Bion R. Cram Professor of economics at Bowdoin College, a Research Fellow at the Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA), and an Associate Editor of Feminist Economics. Connelly’s academic research focuses on the intersection of economic demography and labor markets, most often on the economics of mothers’ employment and childcare. In her recent US-based work, Connelly, with coauthor Jean Kimmel, focuses on the time use of mothers in the US. In her China-based work, Connelly and coauthor Maggie Maurer-Fazio and others have been looking at the relationship between family structure and women’s employment, while Connelly and coauthor Zheng Zhenzhen have looked at educational attainment in modern China. With Ken Roberts, she has looked at women’s labor migration patterns as they relate to marriage and childraising. In addition, Connelly and Bowdoin colleague, Kristen Ghodsee, are the authors of Professor Mommy: Finding Work/Family Balance in Academia. In that role, Connelly has written blog posts for their own nascent blog, www.profmommy.com and guest blog posts, most of which can still be found via the wonders of the Internet. To Connelly, blogging still seems like an actual work avoidance strategy, but she is trying to get over that.

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