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Feminist economics posts brings a feminist-economics perspective to current intellectual and policy debates. Our roster of regular contributors expands the reach of feminist economics beyond communities of scholars to policymakers and activists worldwide.

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Feminist economics posts complements IAFFE’s journal, Feminist Economics, and Feminist Economics Research Notes.

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  1. Patricia Alexander says: December 16, 20153:56 pm

    Can you tell me the best place to post an inquiry that asks: “Would you be interested in collaborating on the following? I am working on improving the access to existing data for women’s networks. In many countries the official Household Survey data on living conditions and incomes can be obtained in unit-level form; that is, any researcher can get the data bank of the full data for the LSMS or whatever it is called in that country. Although the official “poverty study” usually reports very little on gender dimensions (or uses indicators that are plain wrong), gender advocates can obtain the data and do relevant analysis themselves. The technical side of this is not difficult to teach, and the cost is minimal. I want to pursue this matter in a couple of countries, and circulate the results in bot accessible format for wide audiences, and a more detailed version for a refereed journal – such as that of IAFFE. Thanks!

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