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December, 2013 Monthly archive

Esther Duflo on “women’s empowerment and economic development”: a must-read for feminist economists?

Esther Duflo is a “risen star” in the field of behavioral economics and specializes in the use of quantitative experimental methods to study human behavior. While many of her papers touch on gender-related issues, a recent paper (Journal of Economic Literature 2012) addresses a question of central concern to feminists: what is the relationship between […]

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Crowdfunding: a feminist funding revolution?

Crowdfunding is big. Crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter, which in 2012 raised over US$300 million from more than two million funders, and Indiegogo are spreading throughout the world. In early November 2013, the US Securities and Exchange Commission proposed over 500 pages of regulations on crowdfunded activities. It is time to ask ourselves whether crowdfunding has […]

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