Feminist economics posts

Welcome to Feminist economics posts

Welcome to Feminist economics posts, the blog of the International Association for Feminist Economics (IAFFE).

Feminist economics posts brings a feminist-economics perspective to current intellectual and policy debates. Our diverse, international roster of contributors expands the reach of feminist economics beyond communities of scholars to policymakers and activists worldwide.

The IAFFE blog provides a forum for discussing fast-developing global issues, longstanding intellectual concerns, and personal reflections. The comments feature is meant to encourage lively debate among feminist economists and others engaged with these questions.

Feminist economics posts complements IAFFE’s journal, Feminist Economics, and Feminist Economics Research Notes.

Please help spread the word about this exciting IAFFE initiative by encouraging your colleagues and friends to follow Feminist economics posts.

On behalf of the IAFFE Publications Committee,

Günseli Berik and Diana Strassmann

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